We brew premium quality beers across a broad range of styles and flavors. From traditional ESB’s to hoppy San Diego style ales to experimental beers, we believe tradition and innovation can coexist. We create everything in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, independence and tradition. We brew beers that we want to make & drink, as brewers, as beer lovers and as advocates of exceptional beer.

Our beers have soul, passion, pride & meaning, which we believe comes through to the finished product. We draw inspiration from friends, community, life, art, culture, experiences & our peers. We brew for our friends, our neighbors, our community, our family, even strangers. And we brew for ourselves. It is our art. It is our love and passion. We hope you enjoy,

About the Project

creativity. innovation. tradition. inspiration. independence. collaboration. devotion. passion

We are so excited to announce the arrival of

Tap Room Beer Company

the newest endeavor from the creative duo behind San Diego Tap Room!

Opening December 2019, this multi-level, 5,000 square-feet brewery will feature 50 taps, a diverse menu featuring elevated American cuisine, 25 in-house brews, and 25+ rotating guest taps from local, independent craft brewers in San Diego.

Mixing the avant-garde with tried-and-true traditional, Tap Room Beer Company will be helmed by veteran industry brewer Bill Batten. He’ll be engineering and brewing a diverse lineup of tasty brews, ranging from traditional ESB’s to hoppy San Diego style IPAs and everything in between.

The Story

SD TapRoom was founded in 2006 by San Diego natives Kevin and Kyle Conover. Avid homebrewers and immersed in the burgeoning craft beer scene, they founded one of San Diego’s first local-craft-beer focused retail establishments. Offering a unique experience that allows for the 150+ local craft breweries to showcase their offerings, along with an elevated yet approachable menu and a casual local community vibe, TapRoom has grown into one of the most recognized & respected craft beer bars in San Diego.

In 2019 brothers teamed up with industry veteran Bill Batten to lead brewery operations at a new location in North Park, San Diego. With over 15 years of experience at some of the most prestigious breweries including Alesmith and Mikkeller we knew that he would have both the technical ability & creativity to create something special. Bill’s passion and dedication to the craft are second to none and we knew this would be a perfect fit. “The stars aligned and the choice was a no brainer”.


Owners Kevin & Kyle are veterans in the San Diego beer scene. They grew up in the start of the renaissance and helped hold it down at the beach before craft was king. They tapped [former AleSmith Brewing and Mikkeller Brewing San Diego brewer] Bill Batten and we all know Bill. He’s passionate, opinionated and a great brewer. All of those guys have done great things for well over a decade before small beer was fashionable.

“I know for a fact that the Conover’s care about the beer and Mr. Batten cares about the beer, so I think this is a slam dunk, an absolute no-brainer, and easily the one I’m most excited about for 2019.” —Scott Blair

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